Soy Melts

Our Soy melts are scented to impress and fill any room with their incredible scents. 

Foxy Fruits: 

This scent is like your favourite fruit salad on a hot summers summer day, fresh banana, peach, coconut and citrus fruits.  Foxy Fruits will have you smelling like a buffet of tropical fruits


Hawaiian Hightea: 

Hawaiian Hightea is a tantalising fusion of fresh coconut, zesty lime with a hint of luscious vanilla


Summer Fling:

Ripe Peaches, juicy oranges, pink grapefruit, spiced cranberry and vanilla sugar... need we say more?!


Melt my Heart: 

Luxurious, decadent and luscious this scent is one of our best sellers and will have you smelling like you have washed yourself with vanilla ice cream

Soy Melts